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Sep 17, 2010 5:00pm PDT
the bmw smashed into the front of his rig. >> the preliminary investigation led to us believe the bmw lost control negotiating a curve. went out in front of the big rig it and was struck, then left the roadway and came to rest. >> one fire fighter was hurt trying to pull a passenger from the rear of the car. >> we did have a fire fighter injured during the rescue to help try to get that patient in the back seat, out. >> two of the injured students were taken to marin general hospital. >> they're stable and awake. they're alert. >> novato high student only heard rumors good b.the accident. >> it's horrible. i -- it's not a good thing. like no matter who it is. i don't want to know someone who died. like that, is terrible. >> reporter: four survivors two are considered in critical condition. the other two had relatively minor injuries here at novato high officials aren't commenting officially on this accident. >> awful to see. laura, thank you very much. >> and moving on, you may soon find out whether there is a high-risk pg&e pipeline running near your home. the utility has been pressured t
Sep 3, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. vic lee joins with us the very latest on the crash and the investigation. >> this has become a staging area across the lagoon from where the plane crashed. it's been towed to this dock. it's hard to see the plane. it's half submerged in this patrol car but the crane over there has lifted the plane cloer to shore so they can remove the bodies. listen to the final moments of the flights. >> these with the final moments of the conversation between control tower and the pilot of the ill-fated plane. >> as i first started moving i heard a plane going into full throttle. >> dan harland just got into his truck as the plan began spiralling down. he works for receiving department of oracle arks cross street from the lagoon. >> these plans pass over this building all the time. full throttle sounds different. >> reporter: harland saw the plane crash into the lagoon. he didn't know it but the voice recorder on the mp 3 player was on. listen to the roar of the engine during the plane's fatal decent. >> he just crashed into the water! a plane just crashed in the water, oh by god, oh, my god! >> the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2